**Hear real stories behind the success and hardships of the world’s most courageous people. The raw, uncensored truth about what mattered in their story to help shape their epic journey.**

**What is it?**

A previous attendee described One Last Talk as "if you were to mix the best of TED Talks with the brave vulnerability of Brené Brown"!* This event is unlike any other event in the world, where people stand on the stage and share their One Last Talk. Yes, you heard right, like it's their One Last Talk before they leave this planet.

We all have stories that shape who we are as individuals. These stories determine how we grow, how we learn, how we define our WHY and how it unfolds in the world.

**What will you get from this event?**

Join us and listen to world-changers leave their legacy and you might just discover your own legacy through their stories.

You may laugh, you may cry and you may even find some “a-ha” moments. The bottom line – YOU will have a deeper understanding of your own truth, and how it can guide you moving forward.

**Who are the Speakers?**

Speakers range from world-renowned entrepreneurs to professional athletes to people with incredible stories who have never dreamed of speaking publicly.

**How does it Work?**

Four different speakers will have 15 minutes to share their personal, final message to leave to the world.

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* This event is not affiliated with Ted Talks or Brené Brown.

**No refreshments will be available for purchase during the event.

For more information please visit www.onelasttalk.com

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