Elaine is a warm and knowledgeable coach! From the get go I felt comfortable with her. She was a master at identifying where I needed help and knew exactly what questions to ask to arrive at the “core” of the issue. 

I contacted her with some limiting beliefs around starting my own business. She quickly  debunked my fears and instilled newfound confidence in me. The techniques she used were helpful and unique. Even though I am still working on building my business, I am taking the first steps. I definitely appreciate her “kick in the butt”!



When I reached out to Elaine, I was unsure about the whole process, but I was feeling I was at one of my lowest - and felt like it was time to try and do something for myself. Elaine was very caring and compassionate. As she guided me through the self-hypnosis, I was worried and a little nervous about giving this a try - but Elaine quickly made me feel comfortable and I was ready. During the session I made a wonderful breakthrough in something that has been with me for a very long time. I would highly recommend working with Elaine, she truly helped me work through my problems and she will certainly be able to help many others.



 I reached out to Elaine to rewrite my reaction to a memory that was at the root of self sabotaging behaviors. It was my first experience with soft hypnosis, I was skeptical and a bit apprehensive of the process, but opened to trying. Elaine was patient explaining the process and reassuring me. I was surprised at how much control on the process I had, and the direction my mind took in approaching the issue. Since working with Elaine, I haven't experienced the emotions I used to dread. If you are trying to overcome a belief challenge, I highly recommend working with Elaine.



Before receiving coaching, I had many reservations about the effectiveness of life coaching. After being coached by Elaine, I can say I wish I had come to her sooner.  I am very thankful for our time together. 



Elaine is an incredible coach! She is so calm and patient, yet direct with you. I was able to discover the root cause of my problem, and release all the negative emotions around it. Since then, I have created goals, and started my own business. I feel confident, I can identify my emotions and be at cause, and more! I am so happy I worked with Elaine!



I recently had Time Line Therapy with Elaine Turcotte. I was interested in this type of therapy because it is known to be effective with unblocking repressed emotions.  Not knowing what to expect I remained open to this therapy without any prejudgement.

My experience was quite positive and I found Time Line Therapy extremely helpful not only with identifying past stored emotions but with releasing them as well. This is quite unique in its process...very interactive and relies mostly on client participation.

Elaine conducted herself with professionalism at all times, and treated me with respect and understanding. As a practitioner she is empathetic and created a safe environment making it easy to share difficult topics. 

I highly recommend Elaine Turcotte for Time Line Therapy, and believe anyone looking to address hidden emotions will benefit from Elaine's services. 



Elaine changed my life. She helped me identify the root causes of some of my limiting beliefs and in doing so we worked through changing my perspective about them. It was intense; I felt extremely vulnerable, but knew that I was in a safe space with Elaine. She got in deep, to the point that I actually had an unexpected physical reaction, but she helped me work through that as well. Almost immediately I felt something release and today, almost 2 years later, I’m not carrying that negativity and pain. My past is still my past but I recall it so differently now and embrace it with love and understanding. This has had a huge impact on my life. Thanks E!



I reached out to Elaine because I was struggling with feeling good enough in my business and kept undervaluing my skills. She helped me work through some of that with timeline therapy. I've been able to get over some of those hiccups and have been having an easier time talking with potential clients.



I just experienced the magic of Elaine Turcotte as she coached me through changing a long-held belief. This one belief has been getting in the way of my full happiness/success for most of my life.

Elaine guided a gentle visualization that allowed me to very clearly 'see and experience' the belief. She then, somehow, unraveled it. Like I said, magic.

I feel differently, definitely more positive and lighter.

Elaine has a presence that exudes gentleness and trust. If you are seeking support to change a belief, no matter how long or how strongly held, connect up with Elaine.



Looking back on Elaine's career it's funny to see the striking resemblance from her job in sales to now life coach.  Both professions require great listening skills, providing solutions and allowing the person to make an informed decision to alleviate a problem; Elaine has demonstrated all of these characteristics by her guidance in both my career and personal adversity.  All the best in your new found calling, I know your clients are in good hands.


Nathalie Thomas

My biggest win from Courageous Living is to now understand how important it is to be brave, to listen to my inner voice and to follow my Truth. Elaine not only unlocked a lot of buried emotions but also provided me with tools so I don't fall back into my own comfortable and unhealthy patterns. Her compassion, acceptance for others, and love for what she practices is a testimony to her passion to make the world a better place.



Elaine knows how to get right to the heart of the matter and guide you into a deeper understanding of what is true and how to act on that truth. She is deeply perceptive, affirming and supportive as she helps you to discover new vistas in your life.


Josee Tom

Elaine is truly one of a kind. She has demonstrated courage throughout her lifetime as she faced personal challenges and built a successful career. Rich in experience, kind and compassionate is how she is best described. If you want to become more authentic, she will guide you to your path. She is a true inspiration!


Tim Campbell.jpg

Elaine is a brilliant human people who can support any professional person in their business or personal life. She has worked with me and provided amazing insight around sales, confidence, nerves and just being my best self. I cannot thank Elaine enough for her work and can't wait to not only continue working with her refer her as well.



Working with Elaine was instantly effective for me; I felt safe and supported throughout the entire process. I was able to overcome my habits of chronic worry, understand the root source of this mindset, and make room for peace in my life. Being able to heal this habit allows me to stay present, prioritize joy, and be effective in my work without grinding/ overworking myself. Thank you so much Elaine! I am so grateful!