If you're anything like me, I hated sales.


I'd think, sales - UGH!


I didn't think I would make it - and neither did my first sales trainers.


When I first started out in sales, I was 24, introverted, shy and prone to visibly shaking under the table whenever I was meeting with anyone new.


I used to work with high school students and teacher. I figured out quickly that the traditional (slimy) sales techniques weren't going to work for me.


I am an award winning sales rep who spent well over a decade in sales. I am also a Momentium Certified Sales Coach and including Sandler, Jeffrey Gitomer and Brian Tracy.


Over the years, and with a whole lot of trial and error, I've developed a unique style that makes it fun without the salesy pushiness that's so often associated with selling.



Selling is an art.


It gets a lot easier and way more fun when you know

  1. What questions to ask and in what order
  2. How to uncover the need (which is the SECRET to selling)
  3. When to present the solution (your product or service)


Together, we'll dig into your current sales process and understand what needs to be tweaked so that you convert more clients in less time, make more money and have way more fun doing it.


And really - who doesn't want that!?


Here's what you'll get:

  •  A review of your current sales process and tweak it.
  • How to handle objections (including what to say when you hear "I can't afford it")
  • Feedback & role play session - what worked, what didn't, what we need to adjust.
  • A formalized, repeatable sales custom form that works for you and your unique business!
  • The Art of Selling with Heart Course
  • Email/text support
The Art of Selling with Heart Coaching
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