Are you an entrepreneur, coach, healer, practitioner who is struggling with the idea of asking for money - especially when you're just starting out?


Are you wasting your time booking discovery calls only to hear "I can't afford it." or "I'll have to think about it." or just plain "no thank you" time after time?


Or are you too afraid to even do a discovery call because you have no idea where to start, what to say or how to sell yourself?


I've been there. I totally bombed my first few discovery calls. It was embarrassing, especially since I've had so much industry leading sales training. 


I've learned a lot since.


Now I help other entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, practitioners improve their sales skills so that they can ultimately help more people, have a bigger impact on the world AND stay in business.


Because I've yet to hear anyone say "I'm going to be a salesperson when I grow up!" No one I've met is a natural salesperson.

It's a skill. A language you learn. A muscle you build.



The ONLY WAY for you to get better at selling is to learn and then practice.




What will this course do for me?

  • Conversions happen inside of conversations. No matter how much marketing you do or how much time and money you spend on it, if you don't know how to have a conversation and convert a lead into a paying client, you're wasting your effort.
  • You will establish an easy, stress-free repeatable sales process for your discovery calls or consults. It's so easy - I've done it for you in a printable, ready made form.
  • You will be prepared for what potential clients might say AND how to respond so that you know exactly what to say in the moment (and not after the call when you're sitting there thinking - that's what I should have said!)
  • You will be able to easily answer any objection. Most people stop at "I can't afford it." or "I'll have to think about it." and the meeting ends. You've wasted your time and your potential client leaves without the solution they came for. Knowing what to say in those situations allows you to move forward. It's just a tiny speed bump and once you know what to say to get around it, you're well on your way to working together.
  • You'll increase your closing ration which is just sales speak for make you more money in less time! (Need I say more?)


Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants more clients, make more money in less time and have way more fun doing it.
  • Anyone who wants to stop working so hard convincing people to buy from you.
  • Anyone who thinks they are too introverted or shy to ever sell anything, especially their services.
  • Anyone who doesn't like sleezy, slimly, salesy sales tactics. (UGH!)
  • Anyone who wants to learn what to say when they hear "I can't afford it." because it's not the end of the conversation. In fact, it's only the beginning! :)
  • Whether you're just starting out in your business or you've been at a while, everyone can benefit from learning how to communicate in a fun, friendly, effective way with a potential client.


Why The Art of Selling with Heart Course and why Elaine?

When it comes to online courses, there are a lot to choose from and I know it can be a tough decision - especially when you're starting out and your resources can be limited. 

I know, I've been there. I've struggled with knowing what to invest in.

I do know that sales training has radically improved both of my businesses - and my bottom line.

I'm not your typical sales person. I take a very different approach to sales. If you're anything like me, you think sales, UGH.

Or at least I used to - until I figured out my own approach.

I worked with high school students and teachers and I knew pretty quickly that any kind of sleezy, slimly sales tactics were not going to get me anywhere. Honestly I was relieved because it just wasn't my style.

I've worked in sales for the last 15 years and I've taken a number of different sales training programs from several rounds of intimidating video taped role playing sessions with seasoned sales trainers, to Sandler, Brian Tracy, Jeffrey Gitomer and Momentium (an online gamification sales training).

Traditional sales training focuses more on B2B (business to business). It's expensive and it's not usually for individuals or entrepreneurs. It's more for groups - small to large companies that send teams for all day or multi day training. Add to that the travel costs and hotel stays and it's usually out of reach for most entrepreneurs, especially when you're just starting out and really need more clients.

I really couldn't find anything that was a bit softer for the B2C (business to consumer) market, especially for more introverted entrepreneurs like myself.

I've adapted what I've learned from all the years of experience in my previous business and what I've learned in selling my own coaching services for you in this course.

Because the truth is, 9 out of 10 businesses fail.

And yours shouldn't.

Because you deserve to live out your dream.

I'm really passionate about helping entrepreneurs help more people and have a greater impact on the world.

And we can only do that if we keep getting clients, keep selling our amazing services and stay in business.

Eleni Kapetanios

In the beginning of my coaching practice, I was completely lost at how to get clients to sign on with me after the consultation. I knew nothing about selling, especially not a Breakthrough! Elaine put together an amazing discovery call form, that makes me feel organized, get clients to the pain points quickly and never makes you or the client feel uncomfortable or like you are being pushy. I have had great results from using her process and form.


Tim Campbell.jpg


Elaine is a brilliant human people who can support any professional person in their business or personal life. She has worked with me and provided amazing insight around sales, confidence, nerves and just being my best self. I cannot thank Elaine enough for her work and can't wait to not only continue working with her refer her as well.


Jessica Vanlauwe.jpg

With her experience in sales, Elaine certainly created a smooth pathway and guide to help not only me, but also other coaches in closing sales. This form is easy to use, and targets the right questions to allow you to serve your client and ensure you two are a good fit. Elaine is fantastic at explaining the process and what to look for (ie: buying signals) and most of all, handling objections.


Beth Charles Tad James & Adrianna James

Sales has always been a frightening thing for me. I've always known that I have skills and talents to share with people but I never knew how to sell my services. After participating in Elaine's sales course, I received valuable information about how to sell my unique skills. She gave me the confidence and tools to deliver my message. Elaine was also easily accessible and responsive to email emails regarding any questions or concerns I had. Thank you Elaine! I look forward to doing business again with you in the future.



What is included in the course?

Audios, videos, PDFs and bonus tools are all provided in this course to help you sharpen your sales saw, close more clients in less time, make more money and have way more fun doing it!


You’ll learn:

  • How to get an honest look at where you are in your sales journey, your money story and all the beliefs that are holding you back!

  • How to get into the right mindset before every call

  • How to build trust and quickly establish your credibility

  • The right questions to ask and in what order

  • Why people buy (and it's not the reason you think)

  • How to demonstrate and talk about what you do

  • The power of story and social proof

  • How to handle comparison shopping

  • How to recognize buying signals and stop before you talk yourself out of a sale

  • How to create urgency so that they sign up now

  • How to ask for the commitment to move forward

  • How to handle objections, especially the price one - without having to discount - ever!

  • How to minimize buyers remorse and reassure your client

  • What to do if you don’t get the client right away

  • And more



As a bonus, I’ve included the Discovery Call Form. It takes all the questions and advocacy statements I’ve shared in the video recordings and sequences them in a particular order to lead a client through the entire sales process. It is by far the most valuable tool. I print it out for each consult or discovery call I do. It is not your typical sales script. It is a step by step form that I fill out for each client that allows me to stay present and really listen because I already know what question I’m going to ask or say next.


Normally it sells for $197. 

The DISCOVERY CALL step by step process is now included in the course!

The Art of Selling with Heart Course
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