Are you recently or longterm single?

Currently dealing with heartbreak?

Tired of all the traditional (bad) dating advice from well-meaning (haven't been single in decades) friends and family?

Are you terrified of ending up alone?

People may try to tell you why you’re still single and give you the exact x number of steps to fixing yourself.

You may have even stumbled on more than one article or Facebook post with that exact title.

I know I have.

I’ve read so MANY of those.

And I think that it’s total and complete BS.

Those articles never helped. They made me feel worse. They’d tell me what my problem was and then I’d think what’s wrong with me?

This person did it - why can’t I?

But I’d try their advice because at least then I was trying and then I couldn’t blame myself for not doing anything about the problem.

So, I’d try online dating and get nothing but the deafening sound of crickets. I got no attention at all. I’d send out messages because you need to put yourself out there and get nothing back.

I didn’t believe it would work for me and I set out to prove it.

I’d try letting go, not caring because that’s exactly when it happens, right?

That didn’t work either.

Other people could be in a relationship - some of them weren’t even done with one before they were jumping into the next and I couldn’t even get a date.

I know what it feels like when your relatives ask you why you haven’t found a man yet.

And what it feels like when everyone else seems to measure your worth by whether or not someone else sees it and wants to be with you.

And what it’s like to go to yet another bridal or baby shower and have someone ask you when you’re going to get started, like you wouldn’t have already done all those things if you’d had a choice.

If I’m really honest, I blamed myself for having the dating problem in the first place.

I’d beat myself up constantly.

The voice inside of me was just so mean to me.

I felt not good enough for anyone.

I didn’t believe I deserved it.

Or that it would ever change.

It was the hand I was dealt.

And I was terrified that it was always going to be like this and that I would end up alone.

I read so many self love, forgive everyone including yourself (and don’t forget your parents), this is why you’re still single articles searching everywhere and anywhere for the answer.

Like it was out THERE.

I just hadn’t read the right one yet.

The truth is, the answer is not out there.

It’s within you.

It’s just buried under a ton of baggage.

And it’s heavy.

SO heavy.

And maybe, it’s just time to put it down.

To start unpacking.

And that’s when your true self starts to shine through.

I’ve danced with the devil inside of me (and it turns out she tangos really well). 💃🏻 🕺🏻

We’ve made our peace with each other.

And my inner voice got quieter.

And nicer.

And when it does speak to me now, it’s confident and classy.


The mind is divided between the conscious and unconscious (or as some call it, the subconscious).

Our unconscious mind accounts for 90%. It is super powerful. It’s main job is to preserve and run our body. We don’t have to consciously think, heart beat, lungs breathe, cells divide and multiple. When you get a cut, your body heals it. When you’re pregnant, you don’t have to think - ok, today I need to grow my baby’s heart.Your mind and body know what it needs to do.

Your unconscious mind also organizes all of your memories. It’s where your beliefs, values and your behaviours reside. 

Most people approach change by making a conscious effort. The conscious mind is 10% and is either working with or against the other 90% in the unconscious mind.

If you’re having trouble making a change, it’s often not about more effort, more willpower. There’s something in your unconscious mind - a negative emotion, a pattern of behaviour or a belief that’s not serving you anymore.

I use a number of tools, including hypnosis with my clients to make the changes they want at the unconscious level so that it’s easy, healthy and permanent. 

Have you ever zoned out while driving or watching a movie? That’s trance. It is a state of relaxation and heightened imagination. It is most often compared to daydreaming or very deep mediation. You are fully conscious, but you tune out most of the stimuli around you. You focus intently on the subject at hand, to the near exclusion of any other thought. 

Your sense of safety and morality remain entrenched throughout the experience. A hypnotherapist can't get you to do anything you don't want to do.

It is very effective for accessing your own inner resources such as confidence, self worth, happiness, etc. making it easier to get through the everyday and meet your life goals. 


  • We’ll ask you some questions and do detailed personal history to discover not what you think - but HOW you think. We’ll get to the ROOT of the problem and all the strategies you have around it.

  • Unlike therapy where you can spend years talking about the problem, this is the ONLY time you’ll talk about it and only for about an hour.

  • And then we'll start to release stuff that’s keeping you stuck. We don’t park it, we dissolve it.

Unlike therapy or traditional life coaching, I use the most transformational tools that creates change at the neurological level. 

It's fast, effective and fun.

Most of my clients report feeling so much better and seeing immediate results - often after the very first session.