Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oatmeal


I love oatmeal in the winter. And not the prepackaged-full of sugar kind. The real stuff. The steel cut whole, hearty, stick to your ribs kind.

But who has 20 minutes (or even 7 for the quick cook kind) every morning?

So, I make it in big batches, in my slow cooker overnight every 2 weeks, freeze it and unthaw it as needed. It’s hearty, keeps me full and warms the soul on a chilly winter morning.


2 cups of steel cut oats

4 cups water

2 cups almond milk (or any other non dairy milk)

2 cinnamon sticks

1 tsp. vanilla

Add all ingredients to a slow cooker and set to low (or 8 hour). The oatmeal will be thick once done cooking - feel free to add water (I like mine with lots of liquid).

Dish into small containers and freeze individually sized portions. Makes about 6-8 portions depending on the consistency of the oatmeal. You can add more oatmeal and more liquid to make a larger batch at once depending on the size of your slow cooker.

Unthaw as needed in the fridge overnight and then heat up on the stovetop - or microwave from frozen for about 3 minutes. Stir in any or all of the additional toppings below as desired and enjoy!

Optional additional toppings

1 scoop whey powder (I like unflavoured but you can use whatever you like)

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp hemp hearts

1 tbsp ground flax seed

1 sliced banana

6-10 walnuts

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