What Selling and Dating Have in Common

A couple of months ago, I went on a first date with someone who works in sales.


You’d think we’d have a lots to talk about right?

So, so wrong.

He launched into serious sales pitch about himself from the first moment we met. It was definitely the same one he gave all his prospects and customers.


And I didn’t say a word for what seemed like an hour but was probably more like minutes. 

He did finally get around to saying something like “tell me about you” but by that time first impressions were made, so was my decision.


What I was really thinking “how much longer do I have to stay and listen to him so that I don’t offend him.” 


It was bad.

And it’s also really common when we’re selling or being sold. 

I once bought the exact same car, on the exact same day at a different dealership because the sales person was terrible at the first place.

He kept talking about things I couldn’t care less about. He never asked me what was important to me. He never cared enough to ask me anything about me.

And I was too polite to tell him why he lost the deal.

Some people are too polite to walk away.

Some people will buy because they’ve already decided to buy and will put up with the bad behaviour just to get the product.

That’s just not the case when you’re selling a service, an intangible.

Or yourself on a first date ;)


xo Elaine

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Elaine Turcotte