Are You Selling Mattresses or Sleep?

“No one buys a mattress. They just want a good night’s sleep.” - Neil Patel

I am fascinated by the sales process. I have been since I first learned about sales many years ago. I was 24, shy and introverted when I first started out and most people didn't think I'd make it.

I remember visiting one of my customers and finding out that they had been speaking to the competition. When they asked me why they should stay with me, I said something like because we're better.

I was signed up for sales training the very next day.

When you're selling, it's so easy to start down the long list of details - the features - and to go on and on about them because it's what makes our product or service amazing.

And you're passionate about what you’re selling. I know you are.

And you just want everyone to see how amazing it is too! Why can't they see it?

I got a voicemail from someone this morning who was trying the sell me something. To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what he's selling - I've listened to it 3 times and his follow up email isn't any better.

The real problem is that I have no idea what his service is going to do for me. I don't know what problem he's trying to solve for me. I don't know what outcome I can expect. 

There was nothing in his email or voicemail for me. It was all about him and his service and I can't see why I would need it so there's no way I'm investing my time in calling or email him back.

I always approach a sales conversation from a perspective of "what's in it for them?". It's my only focus and it becomes easier to focus on the benefits, the results, the outcome.

What are they going to save? Save time? Save money? Save face?  

What are they going to gain? Gain recognition? Gain job security? Gain peace of mind?

When you approach a sales conversation from the outcome your client is going to get, selling isn't convincing. It becomes a conversation that flows.

Spend less time talking about springs, coils, cooling foam or modules and programs, and more time dreaming with your clients about their possibilities, their results, their inevitable outcome.

Because when they work with you, there's no way they're not coming out transformed.

xo Elaine

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Elaine Turcotte