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For more details on why it’s unlike traditional therapy or life coaching - and WAY more effective click here.

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I just experienced the magic of Elaine Turcotte as she coached me through changing a long-held belief. This one belief has been getting in the way of my full happiness/success for most of my life. Elaine guided a gentle visualization that allowed me to very clearly ‘see and experience’ the belief. She then, somehow, unraveled it. Like I said, magic.

I feel differently, definitely more positive and lighter. If you are seeking support to change a belief, no matter how long or how strongly held, connect up with Elaine.
— J. Seiler
Before receiving coaching, I had many reservations about the effectiveness of life coaching. After being coached by Elaine, I can say I wish I had come to her sooner. I am very thankful for our time together.
— Marla Fernandez